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Emcara Health extends provider reach directly into patient homes

Healthcare delivery is changing

Patients with challenging health conditions need more attention and increasingly prefer to stay at home. Meanwhile, community providers with limited time and resources must cater to a larger cohort of patients.

Emcara Health is fluent in the language of care, enabling innovations such as home-based imaging and eye examinations, and remote vital signs monitoring, that help providers close gaps in care at no extra cost to patients.

“I value you all . . . I cannot ask for better guardian angels.”

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Bringing providers closer to their patients

Emcara Health serves patients who would benefit from care at home. By spending extended time with patients in their own environments, we partner with community providers to reinforce treatment plans and close gaps in care. 

Our proven approach ensures we work together to develop the optimal plan, leveraging your expertise and staying connected to improve your patients’ health. 

For eligible patients, Emcara Health services are fully covered by our partners.

Focused on your patients

Through a holistic care delivery model, we integrate services to improve quality of life and eliminate unnecessary ER visits, addressing medical costs and revenue challenges along the way.

24/7 Care Team availability

We’re available whenever we’re needed—nights, weekends, and holidays—to help vulnerable patients even when your office is closed.

Multidisciplinary board-certified team

We help patients manage their treatment with a team that includes a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, community health worker, or even a mental health professional as needed.

Manage health conditions

Our team helps patients manage their health based on providers’ directions through appointment coordination, medication refills, test preparation, diet assistance, and lifestyle management.

Emcara Health supports the entire care continuum

Extended care for patients

We transform how patients manage their health. Our team provides regular reviews of medical history, analyzes treatments, conducts safety checks of patient homes, offers nutritional guidance, and answers questions. By forming a relationship and spending dedicated time with patients, we foster a trusted, extended connection between them and their providers.

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Improved outcomes for partners

We partner with health plans to deliver primary medical, behavioral, and social care to vulnerable patients. With a variety of engagement models, we can act as either the primary care provider of record for an entire population or assist partners by creating a supportive network of experts for providers to leverage.

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Better experience and care at home


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"I love my Care Team...I know that if I have a need immediately, they are there for me."

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Are you a provider looking for a partner to extend your expertise in the home?

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive, effective, and personalized way to manage your patients’ health at home, reach out to learn more about enrollment and referrals.

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