No Boundaries. Just Great In Home Health Care.

Emcara Health is dedicated to bridging the gap in care by delivering quality at home health care.

We are bringing primary care home

Emcara Health is a value-based, national medical group that delivers care to vulnerable and underserved patients wherever they call home. We are proud to be a part of PopHealthCare, a leader in home-based care and risk adjustment services.

Our History

In our early days, we provided comprehensive risk adjustment services to Medicare Advantage plans. To inform that work, we began conducting in home assessments with health plan members. This is when something interesting happened.

As it turned out, these assessments were one of the most meaningful clinical interactions many of these members would have each year. There was a real need to develop the annual visit into a longitudinal primary care relationship, supporting patients in their home with a multidisciplinary team. This model proved extremely valuable for vulnerable and underserved populations.

After almost a decade of successful outcomes with our in home health care approach, we named this model Emcara Health in 2021. Since then, we’ve continued to expand the services we provide to individuals in need and the ways we can support our health plan and provider partners. There are still more people to help and more challenges to address. As a result, our team continues to push healthcare forward.

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Our leadership

An experienced executive team drives Emcara Health’s commitment to finding new ways to optimize in-home healthcare. Trusted, passionate, and ever-innovating, this proven group brings together expertise in analytics, healthcare delivery, operations, and consumer engagement to better serve our stakeholders.

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