A New Standard in At-Home Healthcare

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Advancing the language of healthcare at home

Emcara Health uses a deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem to create a better model of care for patients, providers, and partners.


Personalized healthcare at home

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Community Providers

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Improving the healthcare ecosystem

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We are reimagining how home care is delivered

Emcara Health believes the best care is delivered in the home. We understand the needs of patients and the complexities of both delivering and financing healthcare. That’s why we’ve spent years improving people’s lives by delivering an integrated suite of care solutions to them in their homes.

Inspired by a passion to serve, Emcara Health partners with those in need, empowering them to live their healthiest life.
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Advanced primary care

Emcara Health can do everything a doctor in a traditional office can—exams, tests, even imaging. We enable independence and convenience for patients and are always within reach.
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Care coordination

We do the heavy lifting to align teams of physicians, nurses, and specialists around patient needs—extending provider reach and ensuring consistent care.
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At-home checkups

Our teams meet patients wherever they are and average more than 11 hours per year with them. Home visits let us accurately observe and address environmental conditions (social determinants of health).
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Mobile urgent care

Emcara Health reduces ER visits by improving how patients manage their health and providing on-call services.

“Part of my miracle of being able to beat COVID from the comfort of my own home"

Elizabeth Thorpe was diagnosed with COVID-19. After a telehealth visit with her primary care physician, she contacted her Emcara Health nurse practitioner to help her monitor her symptoms. Our 24/7 availability and constant communication with her primary care physician and pharmacist helped Elizabeth stay home throughout her entire illness and recovery.

Elizabeth Thorpe
Emcara Health patient

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