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Health is personal. Your care should be too.

Emcara Health is a simpler way to manage your health—and navigate the complex healthcare system. That’s because we come to you. 

We deliver high-quality primary and supportive care, as well as annual wellness checks, in the comfort of your home. Our providers can also facilitate lab work, imaging, and help with advanced care planning and guidance for chronic conditions.

“Talking to my team is like talking to a well-informed friend.”

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Your dedicated at-home Care Team

Whether you need support between office visits or need to complete your annual wellness check, we’ve got you covered. Your Care Team is customized to your needs and can help manage any health conditions, refill your medications, and improve diet, lifestyle, and overall health.

Already have a primary care doctor? No problem. Your Care Team will work with your doctor to help reinforce your existing treatment plan. Your Care Team’s services are fully covered by your health plan and available at no additional cost to you or your caregivers.

Primary Care

Primary Care

Your dedicated Emcara Health care team will act as your primary care provider, performing checkups, exams, and tests, and reviewing and refilling your medications, just like you would at a doctor’s office.
Collaborative Care

Collaborative Care

Your Emcara Care team works with your primary care doctor, coming to you or calling regularly to help coordinate your care. Our providers can order tests, perform exams, and refill prescriptions, and they’ll communicate everything to your doctor.
Transitions of Care

Transitions of Care

An Emcara provider will visit you for thirty days after a hospital discharge to make sure you stay healthy and don’t have to return to the hospital.
Annual At-Home Checkup or In-Home Checkup

Annual At-Home Checkup or In-Home Checkup

You can get your annual physical in the safety and privacy of your home. We share the results with your doctor and your health plan.

“I’ve never been treated with better care. I’ve been through a lot, and if it wasn’t for my team, I don’t think I would have made it.”

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How Emcara Health works

We transform how you manage your health. Spending time in your home allows your Care Team to get to know you, understand your unique needs, and help you live healthier every day. Unlike other at-home services, we provide many of the same services doctors can, such as exams, lab tests, and even imaging in your home.

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How to get started

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Check your eligibility

You’ll receive a letter from your health plan sharing eligibility and how you may benefit from at-home care. You can also call your health plan to find out whether you qualify. Because of high demand, not every member may be eligible.

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Schedule your initial visit

An Emcara Health Care Team member will call to schedule your first visit with your dedicated nurse practitioner. Your provider will conduct a physical exam, review your medical history, go over treatments, order any tests and medications, and answer any questions you may have. Both in-home and virtual visits may be available.

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Enjoy peace of mind

After your initial visit, we’ll schedule regular checkups with you. Request medical care at home anytime you need it! You’ll be able to reach a member of your Care Team directly – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on weekends and holidays.

Your dedicated Care Team: experts supporting your well-being

Your Emcara Health Care Team may include a primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, community health worker, and behavioral health providers. You’ll see the same team members each time—trusted guides for your unique needs.

CHW Manager

Primary Care Physician

Family Nurse Practitioner

Discover a better healthcare experience at home

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