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PopHealthCare Launches Emcara Health

National Medical Group Expands on Proven In-Home Care Solutions for America’s Most Vulnerable Seniors and Adults

FRANKLIN, Tenn., October 11, 2021 – PopHealthCare, a leader in home-based care and risk adjustment services, today announced the launch of Emcara Health, a value-based national medical group that offers an expansive suite of care solutions to insurers and managed care organizations throughout the country, including 24/7 Home-Based Advanced Primary Care (HBAPC), for vulnerable seniors and adults.

Backed by support from GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, PopHealthCare’s parent company, Emcara Health is positioned to become the market leader for in-home care solutions. Through a range of solutions provided by dedicated clinical teams, Emcara Health aims to reduce the total cost of care for vulnerable populations by 10 to 20 percent while delivering exceptional patient experience and quality care.

Emcara Health serves health insurance segments, including Medicare Advantage, ACA, Managed Medicaid, and Managed Medicare, and offers a variety of care solutions, including, advanced primary care, advanced supportive care, and short-term care solutions (in-home assessments, SDOH assessments, transition of care, ER diversion and in-home palliative care). All of Emcara Health’s solutions are designed to deliver care that is both empowering and empathetic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the recognition that home-based care solutions maximize patient engagement and deliver better health outcomes for vulnerable populations," said Kirk Stanley, president of PopHealthCare. “Having conducted more than 500,000 member-months of in-home/facility clinical management and 250,000+ patient home visits during the past seven years through our CareSight offering, we have seen firsthand how care in the home can deliver a higher quality care at a lower cost. With Emcara Health, we are reimagining how healthcare is delivered by making a patient’s home, including assisted living facilities and other institutional settings, the primary point of care.”

Emcara Health’s care solutions dramatically expand access to in-home care for vulnerable populations of all kinds. The solutions can serve a Managed Care Organization’s (MCO) entire population with the largest opportunities found in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. Those members who benefit most from Emcara Health primary care solutions typically have more than three chronic medical conditions and account for up to 50 percent of all claims.

PopHealthCare believes that the time is right for solutions that go beyond the delivery of excellent clinical care. For example, the addition of multiple point solutions is making both the patient experience and administrative tasks more complex, increasing fragmentation and driving costs higher.

In addition, the U.S. population is aging rapidly, with the number of Americans older than 64 expected to increase 32 percent by 2030. As a result, MCOs are assuming more financial risk to provide coverage to a growing population of vulnerable members.

As part of its ongoing investment in Emcara Health, PopHealthCare has recruited several new leaders to support the multi-disciplinary care team made up of complex care physicians, field nurses, advanced practice providers, community health workers, and care coordinators, who receive specialized support from pharmacists, dieticians, physical therapists, social workers, palliative care physicians, and others.

“As more and more companies seek to deliver care in the home, it’s important for health plans and at-risk provider groups to evaluate the various options they have in order to choose the right partner,” said Chris Dodd, Chief Medical Officer for PopHealthCare. “We believe an objective assessment of the experience, expertise and proven results delivered by Emcara Health sets us apart. As our teams continue to reimagine the way healthcare is delivered with our patients and trusted partners, we are excited about the possibilities that lay ahead to truly transform the U.S. healthcare delivery system.”

About PopHealthCare

At PopHealthCare, we believe that healthcare should be personal. For us, that means bringing care to those who need it most, where they will be able to achieve their health goals best – at home or where they reside. With 22 clients in 14 states, PopHealthCare offers a fully integrated approach to care delivery, risk adjustment, and quality enhancements, serving the highest risk populations with unwavering commitment and dedication. We are proud to be part of the GuideWell family of companies, transforming the delivery of care through new innovative care models that provide superior health outcomes to patients.

About Emcara Health

Emcara Health is at the forefront of delivering a proven model for in-home care solutions. With a passionate team of dedicated healthcare experts, we improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations with health challenges across urban and rural communities in 14 states and counting. Our integrated suite of in-home care solutions spans advanced primary care, complex care management and treatment, transition of care, and annual in-home assessments. Our physician-led multidisciplinary care teams deliver industry-leading outcomes across the quadruple aim in health care delivery – patient experience, quality, lower cost of care and joy in work. Part of PopHealthCare (a GuideWell Company), Emcara Health is one of the nation’s leading value-based medical groups, focused on the mission of reimagining how healthcare is delivered. For more information, visit

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