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Meet the Emcara SVP of Population Health, Dr. Munir Khatri


Samantha Garrison


September 26, 2022


Munir Khatri is the Emcara Senior Vice President of Population Health. He joined our team in 2022, and we are excited to introduce him to you today.

A self-described “Hoosier through and through,” Dr. Khatri did his undergraduate, business school and post-graduate studies at Indiana University where he developed an interest in population health and finding the best way to help more patients achieve better health.  He spent nine years with Chen Medical, a brick-and-mortar value-based primary care provider for seniors, before looking to expand his impact with Emcara and at-home care.

Dr. Khatri believes trust is the most important part of caring for a patient to reach better health. In most current medical practices, reimbursement economics drive providers to see the most patients per day. This means they aren’t always able to establish trust or build relationships with their patients - so instead of prevention, providers are reactive and deliver high volumes of ‘sick-care’. With value-based care – the type of care Emcara provides – we focus more on wellness, primary care, and intervening with our patients before they get sick. “Our business fails when we are not able to deliver our patients better health,” says Dr. Khatri, “We strive to give patients the best access to a PCP led care team and coordinate closely with all other care partners to ensure our patients live their best lives possible. We will meet patients where they are at and work around their schedules.”

As part of the Emcara Health Team, Dr. Khatri is currently focused on helping us scale and grow our clinical model to be able to care for more patients all over the country with multiple chronic health conditions.  The best medical care happens when providers can get to know their patients and work with them, their habits, and their schedule, to create better healthcare outcomes. 

When he’s not working toward better healthcare for our patients. Dr. Khatri can be found playing basketball with his two sons or watching Marvel movies. He enjoys the superhero genre because these movies are stories about people trying to do the right thing, even when the cards are stacked against them. This is, for him, similar to healthcare’s need to step away from the fee-for-service model of focusing on sickness, and instead focusing on prevention, just like in Emcara’s value-based care model. 

To learn more about Emcara Health, call 1-800-728-0901.

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