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Meet Emcara VP of Pharmacy, Kerri Musselman


Emcara Health Editors


October 13, 2022



Kerri Musselman is Emcara Health’s vice president of pharmacy care solutions. She joined the company in 2022, and we are so excited to introduce you to her.

How did you get your start as a pharmacist?

I have always wanted to help others, but in high school, I would ride along with my grandmother, who was a delivery driver for a local pharmacy. She helped do change outs, where she would take away old medication supplies and delivery new ones every week. The nerd in me started to wonder about why people were taking certain medications and why some people had more meds than others. I started to talk to the pharmacists at this company. I worked in delivery until I was old enough to become a technician, and then I went to college to become a pharmacist. 

What are some key ways you hope to help Emcara patients?

We want to help patients understand their medications and take them as prescribed. Going into the home helps us to see whether or not patients are taking their medications regularly, too much, or too little, and to find out why. We can also find out if they’re taking herbals or over the counter medications that might create negative interactions. Because we can take time with our patients, we can work to educate them on their medications and learn to track their symptoms better.

While we can’t directly reduce the cost of medications, our providers can work with me and our pharmacy team to ensure patients are able to simplify their regimen to help reduce costs for them in the long run.

What would you say to members considering Emcara Health?

When I introduce myself to scared patients I say, “Hi, I’m a pharmacist. Let me help you understand your medicine, how to take it, why you’re taking it, and what’s going on when you do. Let me answer your questions.”

We take the time to educate our patients and to go over their concerns, along with any potential side effects.

What is some advice you give patients that you also use in your own life?

I ask questions until I’m comfortable. Nothing is too inappropriate or off the wall.

Another piece I use with my children is: “Don’t touch it until I say yes.” Don’t take herbals or OTC meds with your prescribed meds unless you’ve spoken to a pharmacist or medical professional.

What do you do for fun?

I love young adult fantasy, like Harry Potter or Rick Riordan. I like to zone out after a long day and enjoy something fun.

To learn more about Emcara Health, call 1-800-728-0901.

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