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Meet Emcara NY Medical Director, Dr. Mark Cohen


Emcara Health Editors


December 22, 2022


Doctor Mark Cohen is the Emcara Health medical director in New York. He started with the company in 2016, and we are so excited to introduce you to him.

Born and raised in Rochester, Dr. Cohen was an internist and pediatrician in the Rochester area for 27 years before joining Emcara. As a medical director for our collaborative care model, he continues to see the same patients and work with his medical colleagues in the community he knows and loves so well.

He decided he wanted to be a doctor at age 4 because he had such a great time with his pediatrician, Dr. Larry Nazarian. He focused on both pediatrics and end of life care, aiming to take care of patients from birth to death.

He enjoys working outside of a traditional office setting because it allows him to spend more quality time with his patients. Seeing someone in their home, he says, tells you about their life, not just their symptoms and health issues – who they are, what they eat, where they worship, how they live. He recalls one patient who could never take morning appointments because she valued her morning beauty routine. In the office, he wasn’t aware of these priorities and how she lived her life, but in the home, he sees the whole person, not just a patient.

Outside of work, Dr. Cohen enjoys weightlifting, movies, and the Rochester Philharmonic. As a former Eagle Scout, he says that when he sees things that are broken, he has to fix them, and he lives his life by that motto.

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