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Meet Dr. Shivani Kaul, Emcara AZ Medical Director


Emcara Health Editors


February 20, 2023


Arizona Medical Director Doctor Shivani Kaul started with Emcara in 2022. We are excited to introduce you to her today.

As a child, Dr. Kaul grew up going into work with her mother who was a nurse anesthetist. She came to view medicine as the perfect blend of humanity, empathy, and science. Prior to joining Emcara Health, she spent 18 years working in hospitals, where she got to experience the instant gratification of saving lives.

However, during her time working in hospitals, Dr. Kaul saw that patients who needed the most help and who came into the hospital regularly, could have avoided their hospitalizations if they had better access to regular primary care or to resources that would help them with their treatment plans. It is because of this she came to Emcara Health.

“Emcara meets patients where they are. Our team can meet needs in multiple ways and can affectively treat the whole patient.”

In Arizona, many Emcara patients have long-term disabilities. Dr. Kaul loves taking the time to build relationships not only with the patients, but with their families and caregivers. This is the part of medicine that has always been the most intriguing to her – the nuances that each individual brings, and the empathy required to treat them effectively. She says, “being a health care provider is a real privilege, and I try not to lose sight of that.”

Outside of work, Dr. Kaul enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking the many trails near her home. Like many of her patients, she worries about her health and well-being, so she tries to keep moving and exercising, meditating, and doing her best to eat healthy.

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