Optimizing in-home care in a rapidly changing industry

A better way to serve the whole healthcare ecosystem

Patients with challenging health conditions need more attention and increasingly prefer to stay at home. Meanwhile, community providers with limited time and resources must cater to a larger cohort of patients. Healthcare is changing, and the delivery of care needs to evolve to keep pace.

With a profusion of new entrants in the home-based care market, health plans face rising challenges in identifying a partner that can better serve patients while also improving outcomes for all other stakeholders.

In this white paper, we examine the home-based healthcare landscape and discuss key considerations crucial to the evaluation and selection of a healthcare delivery partner. These findings are the result of Emcara Health’s experience in delivering a proven model for in-home care solutions to patients across urban and rural communities in 14 states and counting.

Download the white paper to learn more about how the right partner can lead to an improved patient experience, better care, lower cost of care, equal access to healthcare and joy in work.

Critical considerations for choosing a home-based healthcare partner

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