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Emcara Health is devoted to delivering advanced primary care wherever a patient calls home. Whether serving as part of a collaborative care team or working with providers and partners to solve healthcare challenges, every Emcara Health colleague plays an important role in advancing our mission and purpose. We need people who share our passion for providing holistic, person-centered care to the people who need us most. We need you!

Work life at Emcara Health

FEATURED ROLE - Nurse practitioner:

Welcome to a career with more flexibility, more time caring for patients and more meaningful results. Emcara Health's nurse practitioners benefit from autonomous positions with more ownership of the practice and the ability to effect change by meeting patients wherever they are on their healthcare journey. They have the opportunity to work within an innovative model of care and a new practice setting, addressing health disparities and social determinants of health as part of the care they deliver and facilitating deeper and more frequent patient engagement.

Community health workers

The frontline of Emcara Health’s multidisciplinary care teams are community health workers. We hire these team members from within the same community we are supporting to ensure intimate familiarity with local circumstances and culturally-aligned care for members. Through an approach that is focused on empathy and patient empowerment, community health workers help individuals live their healthiest lives while overcoming challenges related to social determinants of health and health disparity. People who thrive in this role are driven to transform healthcare delivery to better serve vulnerable and under-resourced patients. At Emcara, you can pursue this passion while working closely with a smaller patient cohort and creating deeper trusting relationships that change lives for good.

Registered nurses

Come home to a place where you feel valued and supported and where you can make a real difference in the lives of seniors and vulnerable populations. At Emcara Health, we bring primary care to patients with complex health issues in the comfort and safety of their own homes. As part of our multidisciplinary care team, Field RNs and RN Case Managers have the time they need to develop trusting patient relationships and the support of a care team to address each patient holistically.

Primary care physicians

Renew your sense of passion for practicing medicine and help us reimagine how health care is delivered. At Emcara Health, we care for our nation’s seniors and most vulnerable populations in the comfort and safety of their homes. As value-based providers, our physicians and Advanced Practice Providers have the time they need to restore the clinician-patient relationship, as well as the support of a care team to address each patient holistically, including social and behavioral needs. We deliver high-quality care to those most in need with a relentless focus on delivering exceptional patient experience. We lower the total cost of care by delivering more care, not less. With the same commitment to our own team members’ experience, or Joy In Work, we make the Quadruple Aim in healthcare delivery our true north.

Corporate roles

Be part of a dynamic organization that is making a difference. Whether you’re in marketing, finance, HR, or IT, you bring relentless passion and a culture of innovation to every dimension of your work. You are open to new perspectives and willing to navigate the hub of the wheel that keeps the healthcare industry rolling, ensuring patients, providers, and health plans have access to the information needed to ensure proper care is delivered wherever it is needed. Best of all, this vibrant remote workforce allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere!

What drew me to Emcara was the whole concept of teamwork. We are addressing every component of care for a patient – whether it’s medical needs or social needs.

Dipal Mistry
Registered Nurse

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