Health Care
comes to you

Get an annual checkup in your home at no extra cost, provided by your Florida Blue Medicare plan,
and earn $30 in Healthy Blue Rewards.


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Stay healthy at home

with an annual wellness checkup.

As a member of Florida Blue Medicare, you can complete your annual health checkup in the
comfort of your own home at no extra cost to you!

Your in-home checkup will be performed by Emcara Health, a provider of in-home
healthcare and a trusted partner to Florida Blue Medicare. And, you are eligible to earn $30 in HealthyBlue Rewards just for completing your assessment.

What is an at-home
health checkup?

Your at-home health checkup is an annual checkup like you get at your doctor’s office – but in the comfort and privacy of your home. A nurse practitioner will come to your home, conduct an exam, and review any medications.

During your visit, you’ll have time to ask any questions about your health, and we’ll give you advice tailored to your needs. You’re welcome to have a friend or family member with you.

This personalized service is part of your Florida Blue Medicare plan and will be completed at a time that’s convenient for you,even on nights and weekends.

How Emcara Health works


Schedule your visit by calling
1-800-471-1166 (TTY 1-800-967-1796)


A nurse practitioner will come to your home to discuss your health. You can also choose a video visit.


Emcara Health will send a summary of your visit to your doctor and Florida Blue Medicare.


Upon completion of your assessment, you are eligible to earn a minimum of
$30 in HealthyBlue Rewards.


Emcara Health is an independent company contracted to facilitate health assessments and provide health and wellness information for Florida Blue members. Other providers are available in your network. Florida Blue and Florida Blue Medicare are Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Florida Blue is a trade name of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc. HealthyBlue Rewards Program (HealthyBlue) restrictions and limitations may apply. Eligible members who opt in to participate in HealthyBlue Rewards must complete the activity and redeem rewards no later than December 31 of the benefit year. Unredeemed rewards earned in 2024 will not carry over to 2025 and will expire if you disenroll from the plan. If you need help with your HealthyBlue Rewards account or full details on program rules, visit or call 1-800-926-6565, TTY 1-800-955-8770 . Participation in HealthyBlue is voluntary and offered at no additional cost to you. We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex. Visit for information on our free language assistance services. ©2024 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., DBA Florida Blue. All rights reserved.

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