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Get a no-cost annual checkup in your home,
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What is an annual health
checkup at-home?

Your at-home health checkup is an annual checkup
like you get at your doctor’s office – but in the comfort and privacy of your home. A nurse practitioner will connect with you by video or come to your home to conduct an exam, and review any medications.

You’ll have time to ask any questions about your health and will get advice tailored to your needs. During your visit, you’re welcome to have a friend or family member with you.

This personalized service is part of your Denver Health Elevate plan and will be completed at a time that’s convenient for you, even on nights and weekends.

How Emcara Health works


Schedule your visit by calling
(TTY 1-800-967-1796)


A nurse practitioner can connect with you by video or come to your home – your choice!


Emcara Health will send a summary of your visit to your doctor and Denver Health Elevate plan.

Schedule Your At-Home Checkup

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Remember: This annual health assessment by
Emcara Health is already included as part of your
health plan. There is no cost to you!

With Emcara Health, you’ll discover a better
healthcare experience at home. We look forward to serving you.