CommunityConnect: Help comes to you.

CommunityConnect: Help comes to you.

Staying healthy can be hard. CommunityConnect is here for you! We work
with Medi-Cal and Adventist Health to help you when things get in the way of good health. And, the best part: this service is available to you at no cost.

CommunityConnect sends care teams into the community to meet you and help you get access to health care and social services that you may need.

Our Community Health Workers come to you, no matter where you live.
They will meet you in a safe place to talk about your health goals and needs.

Schedule your first visit with your local CommunityConnect Care Team today!

Your CommunityConnect Care Team

Your CommunityConnect Care Team

CommunityConnect Care Teams consist of a Lead Care Manager (LCM), who is an experienced Community Health Worker (CHW), a registered nurse, and a social worker.

Your CommunityConnect Care Team will first form a social, emotional, and behavioral assessment. Then, they will create a detailed action plan to help you meet your health goals. The team can help you gain access to local primary care and community resources such as:

  • Healthy Food 
  • Behavioral Treatment
  • Legal Counsel
  • Financial Support
  • Housing Assistance
  • Transportation

Call your CommunityConnect Care Team to get started today!

We can help you stay healthy and safe.

We can help you stay healthy and safe.

Your CommunityConnect Care Team can help you with many of your healthcare needs.

Here are some of the things they can do for you:

  • Access and understand your Medi-Cal benefits
  • Answer any questions you have about your doctor’s plans
  • Schedule and arrange transportation to your appointments
  • Find more healthy food options
  • Connect you with housing assistance
  • Help you stay out of the emergency room

Your local CommunityConnect Care Team is fully dedicated to you.

You can call them anytime you need them.

Schedule Your Initial Appointment

Schedule Your Initial Appointment

CommunityConnect is only available to select members, so call us today to talk about your new health journey!

Remember: CommunityConnect is a part of your Medi-Cal health plan and is provided to you at no cost.

Call 800-712-6387 to learn more about this FREE service and schedule your first visit.

With CommunityConnect, you will discover a better healthcare experience

wherever you are. We look forward to serving you.

Call us today to get started!


CommunityConnect is a service delivered by Emcara Health, LLC, a national medical group, with whom Adventist Health partnered. We can help you stay healthy and safe.