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Meet Emcara CEO Eric Galvin


Samantha Garrison


July 21, 2022


Eric joined PopHealthCare and Emcara in May of 2022. He’s been working in healthcare for his entire career, starting as an intern at Sigma Health, and most recently working as President of Emblem Health’s ConnectiCare. 

He is deeply passionate about bringing Emcara’s unique at-home healthcare services to members across the country. We sat down to talk with him and introduce him to you, our members!

What drew you to Emcara?

Our mission is so relevant for this time in health care. Many healthcare companies talk about meeting you where you are, but Emcara actually delivers on that, visiting our patients in their homes, at the ER, in a facility, or even a shelter. 

I am drawn to the challenge of growing this organization given its uniqueness – we treat patients with the most complex needs, and they can be hard to reach. I’m excited to do more homework about our members and their stories so we can better meet their needs. 

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work. What do you do for fun?

I have a great family – my wife and two children, who are 17 and 14. They’re awesome kids. My daughter is already way smarter than me, and I love having debates and discussions with her. 

Outside of work, I race cars as a hobby. I like the challenge of having to rely only on myself and pushing through my own limits to get better at it.

As a healthcare company, we encourage everyone to pursue their health goals. What are some of yours?

I used to ride my road bike 30 or 40 miles a day on weekends and was in way better shape than today. Now, I focus on getting up and moving about during the work day, not just sitting all the time. I want to achieve a better state of fitness – not by a number on a scale or a clothing size, but to have more energy and feel better. A sprint triathalon has been a longtime goal of mine, and I hope to do that someday. 

What are you listening to?

I’m a big Taylor Swift fan. Talk about somebody who, at a young age, really figured it out. She reinvents herself throughout her career, and has really figured the business out. 

I’m going to see Imagine Dragons soon, and I wish I could go and see Coldplay. I heard their live shows are epic.

I love country music, and it’s cool that PopHealthCare is based in Nashville. 

And what are you watching? 

I went to see Top Gun Maverick recently and was impressed. I didn’t think they could pull it off, but it was really well done. I am also a news junkie. My TV is always on the news, and I rotate through many different channels. 

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